Hypothermic chick!!!!


11 Years
Nov 2, 2008
New Hampshire
I had a broody red cochin on a nest of eggs that I did not think would hatch because it seemed like they were over due. Well on Monday morning I went out to the coop and sure enough there were a batch of chicks peeping. I was worried because it is getting very cold here, near frost temps. Today she decided to take them out of the coop and it was so rainy and cold and there were some that did not get out of the box and some were outside under her in the pouring rain. SO I took another box and cut it down enough so they could not get out but she could get in, but all but one managed to get outside again and she was covering them up in the rain. I looked in the coop and there was one on his back in the last throws of dying and I did not want to loose it so I took it inside and warmed it with my breath and felt it start to move a tiny bit, so I put it under a heat lamo and went and took the others away from her as well and put them all in a brooder tank. The little frozen chick gradually came to life again and started shivering as his body temp climbed and he is now eating and peeping with the rest. i feel bad I had to take them from her, but from now till spring there are not going to be any eggs left in that coop as they are laid!
Well done Darbella.

Same thing happened to me last Spring. I found two almost dead hypothermic chicks soaked by mommas poo. I bought them indoors, wiped them with warm water, placed them in a cardboard box by the stove, then switched them to the incubator once it was warming up. They revived totally. 2 hours later I returned them to mum who is a good mum and they are now strapping hens.

Always worth a go.

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