Hypothermic Guniea Fowl Chick


8 Years
May 26, 2011

I recently brought home a 3 day old guinea fowl chick. We placed it in the brooder and the first night the chick did well. However, last night, the chick decided to fall asleep in the cooler side of the brooder and this morning when we went to check on it, the chick was practically dead laying on its side and barely moving. Using blankets and a blow dryer, we have been able to warm the chick and bring it halfway back to life. The chick has intermittently been offered water, but still won't vocalize and can barely hold its head up. When it does, the head is very shaky, as if it is using a lot of effort to hold it up. The chick will crawl around a bit, but is not active, nor can it move like it did when we first brought it home. We don't know what else to try and do to save the chick, or if there is any hope for the little guy.

Can anyone please offer help or advice?
Thank you very much!!
I don't think its choice of sleeping spots is the problem. There is something else going on with it not related to hypothermia. Chances are very high that it will not make it, especially after the warm up efforts.
Yes, have to agree with Robin. I'm sorry it's not going well.

If you get more, get multiples (think 6+) because guineas need a group.

Also, water and food should be available always. I wasn't sure if you were saying that the water was in there and you were intermittently trying to help the keet drink it, or if it was only in there intermittently.

Best of luck to you, guineas are great.
Water was always available while the chick was in the brooder, but now that we are trying to nurse it back to help, we are intermittently offering it water, as it mostly just wants to sleep all day. Things aren't looking too great. I'm guessing there must be some sickness involved, as it was doing just fine yesterday.

Thanks for the help.
Does not sound very promising... You could try dipping it's beak in water that has electrolytes added to it, either poultry electrolytes or straight clear pedialyte, at least once every couple hours. The brooder temp needs to be between 95-90 degrees on the floor directly under the center of the heat lamp. If the keet was on shavings for bedding when you bought it, it may be stopped up from eating shavings and there won't be anything you can do for it in that case. Hopefully it pulls thru... good luck.

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