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    Today was the last time I will ever set foot in a walmart store. I’ve always despised their demeaning practice of checking receipts at the door, however today it was taken to a whole new level. If they think they need to check everyone’s slips, they must feel everyone’s some kind of criminal. Right? That has to be the basic premise of the policy. You MUST have shoplifted, there’s no way you couldn’t have.

    I’ve always put up a little bit of a fuss when it’s happened before. However the actions of the “greeter” I witnessed today were inexcusable. I was walking out of the garden center after buying some plants, a few packs of seeds, a humming bird feeder, and a mat to wipe my feet on when I leave the coop. The greeter (obviously on a power trip) sauntered over and demanded my receipt. He said something to the effect of “I need to see your receipt, now.” He saw it in one of my bags. Then before I could say anything he pawed through the bag and grabbed it out. I’m sorry, but this p*ssed me off! I grabbed it back. I told him it was my receipt and if he thought I had shoplifted, he needed to call the police. He said something under his breath and I walked out. He followed me out to the and said “this is your last chance!” in a derogatory manner. I once again told him to call the police and show it to them and myself on the cameras if he knew I had shoplifted something. He said “that’s exactly what I’m going to do!” He wrote down my license plate number and I left.

    What does acting like that do for them? Is somebody who actually shoplifts going to put up a fight with the stuff hidden in their clothes? No, they’re going to want to get “outta dodge” as quick as they can. So they must feel treating customers like dirt is the best way. It’s all just one more example of why America is doomed.
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    Dec 21, 2007
    LOL [​IMG] good for you! who the HECK does that guy think he is? [​IMG]
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    Oct 1, 2007
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    Oh my gosh!! You are my new hero!! It NEVER occured to me to not show them my reciept... I feel a trip to Walmart coming on [​IMG]
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    Luckily for us, Wally World here doesn't check your receipts- that would definitely be annoying. The greeters just give my boys stickers, which I let them have if they have been good in the store.

    I would be furious if someone thought I was shoplifting! There are words and phrases I would use, but I shouldn't repeat them in a family- friendly forum.

    By the way, whoever said Paris Hilton was hot? I'm not sure that fake-everything bean pole qualifies for much of anything in the looks department. [​IMG]
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    You don't have to show your reciept. Not only that, but once you walk out the door, they technially can not come after you. Once you leave the building, the only thing they can technically do is call the police. And if you didn't steal anything, who cares, right?
    Good for you. I could start my anti-Walmart rant, but last time I did that, it caused a big hoopla. [​IMG]
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    Wow - Sadly, all too often people look for power in all the wrong places.

    The Walmart nearest me does not do these receipt checks so I'm gathering this is a local thing based on shoplifting problems. Even so, they should show the utmost respect for a customer until such time as they are found to be stealing.

    You are right to vote with your feet. If you can, also write the store with your reason for boycotting them so they actually comprehend the effect of hiring rude little vigilantes.

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    May 24, 2007
    I totally understand your frustration with the 'receipt check'. And, this guy was certainly a jerk about it and should have been reported to his manager ... he needs to learn how to interact with customers. He stepped way over the line by reaching into your bag and talking to you the way he did.

    However, stores lose millions of dollars to shoplifters every year. Guess who pays for all that stolen merchandise .... we do! That's one of the biggest reasons prices keep going up... people keep stealing and getting away with it. When people know their bags are going to be checked at the door and that they have to interact with the person checking their receipt it does help to deter some thieves. That puts money back into our pockets. I feel it's a worthwhile 'injustice' to have my receipt/bags checked to help stop those who are not honest. I'd certainly prefer it never had to come to this but I understand ... we live in a world with a bunch of dipsticks!

    It's possible you will get a call/visit from the police. It will be much harder for you to 'justify' your position after having already left the store and (in the store employee's eyes) .. had an attitude (that's what he'll be telling his boss and police). It might help for you to go back and talk to the manager before this has the possibility of escalating.
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    If you hate Walmart, why go there??? Don't do business there at all. There are many options.
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    Quote:If the cops have enough time to do that, be thankful you live in a really safe area!!!
    I don't think anything would have to be justified. Can Walmart produce proof that something was stolen? No. And I'm sure this isn't the first time this employee has had problems, and it surely won't be the last.
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    wow my walmart doesn't check recepts. Only the sam club does. If they are so worried about shoplifting that they have to go to drastic measures why don't they just put electronic tags on all there merchandise.

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