I’m considering getting a few chickens and I’m nervous


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May 24, 2020
Upstate South Carolina
My town just started allowing us to have a maximum of 6 hens, no roosters.
I have always wanted chickens but I’m nervous about starting
What/ where should I research first?
I have Storeys, hobby farms and a chicken in every yard books on my couch right now and I’m a bit overwhelmed
First welcome to the funny farm. :) All you had to do was say, "I want chickens but I'm nervous..." and "What/where should I research first?" and you HAD us all on your side,. so you could become a chicken addict too! :jumpy This site will walk you through the steps and give you so much information your head will spin, but just remember don't over think things, they're chickens. Their first 3 weeks you are focusing on making sure they have enough heat. After that it's all about the living conditions (coop setup and run) which is the HUGE part of chicken raising, but it's actually a simple concept. Then it's food and watering which is the easy part.

Caring for chickens day to day is pretty easy, getting setup in the beginning can be tricky.
Ditto Dat!!
Like getting a sip of water out of a fire hose!
Ain't that the truth


Dec 18, 2018
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Welcome to BYC. Nothing to be nervous about. :) Chickens are like any other pet. Do your research, then do your best. I would suggest Point of lay hens until you are feeling more confident. They will be fully feathered & can go straight into your coop. Make sure your birds come immunised. Nothing more heartbreaking than finding you have a disease taking out your entire flock. Enjoy.

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