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Boggy Henbit

Jun 5, 2019
Hi there,

My family runs one of the first urban vegetable farms in the country on 5 acres in Texas. The farm house is one of the two oldest homes in Austin (1841). We get a lot of tourists and have many regulars and even multiple generations who have grown up coming to our farm and are now customers themselves.

We are a regenerative farm so soil health is our priority. If plants are provided the best soil they will provide beautiful harvests for our on-site farm stand where we sell to the community and chefs.

We have about 125 hens and we sell their eggs to pay for their organic, soy free feed and we harvest their poop to make the most awesome compost for our soil. They also get lots of great produce that is leftover from our market.

Our hens arrive the first day of life and live into old age on our farm. At the end of life they received a proper burial; we love them and appreciate their life’s work; making our soil the best it can be.

Grackles are my constant source of irritation stealing feed and soaking it into the water stations, fouling it up, causing lots of extra work. Recently I read that having them is good though bc they alert when the hawks are near; we have lots of red tail hawks and have lost hens before due to them so maybe they belong here just wish they were neater eaters!:bow

Happy to join this community & learn to be the best I can for my girls!


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Hi, and Welcome from Southeast Missouri! I hope you are spreading your message about soil health far and wide. I would like to invite you to also join our sister site TheEasyGarden.com. We have several members who live in Texas, where, as elsewhere, gardening is getting more challenging as our climate evolves. There are also gardening threads and sections here, on BYC.
I like your holistic approach to growing things.

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