I’m new to the duck scene. Need some advice please.


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Dec 26, 2018
Is there any chance she could have gotten into anything...toxic? Any, oil from your car...any old ..junk that would leave a residue...anything you could think of that a duck could stick their beak in? Two of my ducks got into an old sink that had som bad insulation and junk...unfortunately it had toxins...they needed activated charcoal....that is good to have on hand for ducks, or any animal, really, to try to eliminate toxins. Otherwise I would definitely try the BComplex..they sell it At TS...in the cattle section..you can put 1 ml one a yummy treat, like meal worms, or peas, or something you know she’ll eat...it’s better than putting it in water, because then you know she’s getting it all. The vit will help to perk her up for sure, and then give her immune system a boost to fight whatever this is,..until you can find out.. @Miss Lydia is our resident expert on duck everything....she’ll be along to read this soon!! :)
@Miss Lydia is pretty amazing in my book!


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Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Georgia
No one is a resident expert on BYC . The label is confusing. Each person that replies has knowledge but no degrees on curing the bird. Just helpful information that possibly might work?
Great the OP is getting professional help..👍
I disagree with your assessment of the people on here giving advice. There are some pretty smart people who've got years and years of experience which is often better than a "degree". I know lots of people with "degrees" that don't have a lick of sense!


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Jun 24, 2012
We kept her inside all night so she could rest peacefully. She drank some water throughout the night, but this morning she can’t really hold her head up. She didn’t lay an egg and didn’t poop at all from at least 8pm thru now. We have decided to seek medical help. She’s at the vet now. 106 degree fever and extreme dehydration so far. Waiting for the dr to get back in the office to check her out. I will update as soon as I k ow something. Thanks for all the help and support.
So glad you were able to get her to a vet. :fl I hope all goes well at the vet. :hugs


Jan 23, 2020
Well, here’s an update. We took maverick to the vet. She’s extremely dehydrated. Has a fever of 106. She’s not eating still. The vet was tube feeding her. They gave her an antibiotic and something to reduce her fever. She didn’t lay any eggs at the vets office. She seems to have more energy than the other day but I can’t get her to eat. Can I tube feed her some baby food? Pedialyte? The vet let us pick her up this morning and bring her home. She’s staying inside until she’s better. She’s drinking a good bit of water. Also the vet said she’s lost a lot of weight. We got her home, and while I was out for a little bit, she layed an egg. What should I be trying to feed her? The vet didn’t really have a diagnosis or tell us what they were force feeding her. I’m fine with force feeding, I just need to know what to feed her. I’m ready for her to feel better. I’d love to hear a quack from her. Thanks yall
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