I’m new to the duck scene. Need some advice please.


Jan 23, 2020
Hi everyone. My fiancé and I have a Pekin duck named maverick. Maverick is almost a year old. My fiancé has had maverick since it was a chick. She had another duck named Mally that got killed by some animal. But maverick survived. Funny thing is, a few weeks ago, maverick started laying eggs. Turns out maverick is a female. This was a big surprise for us. She free ranges in our back yard. She gets fed laying pellets and cracked corn. She has a constant fresh water supply at all times. She loves attention and follows us all around the yard. She was raised with a puppy, so I think that she thinks she’s a dog. She plays with the dog and lays down with the dog.

Just today, maverick was laying down all day and not being herself. She won’t eat, drinks very little if any on her own. I carried her to her water bowl and she took acouple sips. Not like her at all. She’sacting lethargic and seems to be sick. I don’t know if she’s ingested something or has an infection or what. She’s not moving around.I checked her mouth to see if something might have been stuck. She’s has a sticky mucous in her mouth. She also has a slight tremble. What can cause this? We are in South Georgia so the weatheris absolutely hectic. 75 degrees last Saturday and/& degrees yesterday. She layed an egg in the open overnight which isn’t like her either. What should I do?


Jul 23, 2019
Is there any chance she could have gotten into anything...toxic? Any, oil from your car...any old ..junk that would leave a residue...anything you could think of that a duck could stick their beak in? Two of my ducks got into an old sink that had som bad insulation and junk...unfortunately it had toxins...they needed activated charcoal....that is good to have on hand for ducks, or any animal, really, to try to eliminate toxins. Otherwise I would definitely try the BComplex..they sell it At TS...in the cattle section..you can put 1 ml one a yummy treat, like meal worms, or peas, or something you know she’ll eat...it’s better than putting it in water, because then you know she’s getting it all. The vit will help to perk her up for sure, and then give her immune system a boost to fight whatever this is,..until you can find out.. @Miss Lydia is our resident expert on duck everything....she’ll be along to read this soon!! :)
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