i am at a lost

call ducks

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Mar 4, 2009
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will first of all i have 2 wheaton old english game bantam hens and no roo . and one of the oegb hens has gone broody. She has no roo . I do have a Black brested red oegb roo . what if i bred the bb red roo what would i end up with ?
I have a feeling I may be wrong but I am pretty sure you will get BBR looking birds. I remember a friend with light brown Dutch hatched out some wheatons awhile back, there had been no wheatons imported for ages. She said that when they were first here people got the males mixed up.

So from that I am going to say you will get BBR chicks.
BBR is wildtype e+; wheaten is E^Wh. Assuming both parents have two copies of these genes, the babies will be E^Wh/e+. So I would expect that the babies would look wheaten. However the Chicken Calculator says otherwise

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