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Feb 28, 2011
Edmond, OK
Hi! I am new to any kind of forum and new to BYC

I am not sure where to post and introduce myself ???
I introduced myself too on my blog page on BYC... Is that what that page is for?

My husband and I live in central Oklahoma...we own 5 acres...we have plenty of room to build a chicken coop and fenced chicken yard...is there a VERY #1 Favorite plan, that you all like? My husband and I can build anything... I guess we surf the plans that you show on BYC...?
We have 5 G. kids all under 5. They all want pet chickens!

What breed makes the best pet as well as laying eggs?
We visited Colonial Williamsburg & Jamestown this past Fall. A costumed tour guide had a pet chicken that she held and it followed it on the tour...I want a beautiful chicken like hers!
Yes, I took many pictures

Where do we begin?
What do we figure out first?

Our daughter and 3 g. kids are coming the first of June for 6 weeks....
Where do we begin to get this moving...we are ready to get to work!

Nice to meet you.
Thanks to the moderators for all your time and help!
Deb V.
HI! Nice to meet you too, busy Mom!

I just have added that our son and his wife also share our 5 acres....they dont have kids yet buy they have our 6 family German Shepherds....our GRAND Puppies!
Our son raises German Shepherds...so I should say that I am a Mom of 3 grown kids, Gram to 5 preschoolers and seven German Shepherds...

I know nothing about raising chickens.... take that back...as a girl I fed some BYC and gathered eggs...40 years ago!
How wonderful! Yes, coops are plentiful. Make it comfortable for you. The only thing that I would do differently for my coop, would to be to hang the windows upside down so they open down rather than up.

I like my buff orpingtons because they are really calm, but I think any one would be- if handled well.
I would order six different kinds. that way each child can know which is 'theirs.' you can have different colored eggs as well.

This forum is really easy to use. you can scroll down to the bottom and on the left is 'return to posts' and further down is 'my posts' written in blue. Go to the top of this page and index is all the way to the left.
There you will find all kinds of info on how to use this forum.
There is a lot of chicken info, but also a lot of really fun and good people.
I hope you enjoy your project and the grand kids enjoy the chicks!
Good luck!

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