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9 Years
Nov 22, 2014
Lebanon TN
i have had chickens for about 6 years now and they are strictly pets. I don’t even eat eggs. But I have gotten so attached to each of them that if they die I am absolutely devastated and it takes more than a day or two to act at least halfway mature about it. And the money I have spent on meds. Two gallon size zip lock bags full. The last one I lost was in June. She had been laying around a lot and had quit laying. But I couldn’t feel an egg but she would go to the nest box a couple of times a day but no egg. But one day I say this small tan colored “thing” in the nest box that looked lik it had pieces of possibly egg shells in it. After researching it Ifound it was a lash egg and that was from salpingitis (I think) but it was a sign the hen wasn’t going to survive and she didn’t. It still brings tears to my eyes . So from a total of 6 hens 2 years ago I now have 3. The youngest one an australorp is a spry, curious little chicken until a couple of weeks ago. I had a snow cone that she sneaked and got into and I was concerned she had eaten too much sugar. By the next day she was laying around with her eyes closed but she has a good appetite but likes water better. She began to seem like she felt a little better. Then they started molting and we have been a very bad heat and humidity wave with temps in the high 90’s and 100+. Now she is again laying down almost constantly with her 2nd eyelid closed. But when I call her name she jumps up quickly her eyes darting around so she is easily roused. And drinks so much water. This morning I went to the grocery and bought a small watermelon. I cut it into quarters and she ate over half of that quarter piece of watermelon. But goes and lays right back down. She stopped laying when she got sick the first time and she never started back. I don’t know if she is having a hard molt and with the heat it is making her feel particularly bad. I can’t afford a vet that knows nothing about chicken ailments, and none of them around here do. I don’t want to start giving her antibiotics because I don’t know what’s wrong with her. TMI for sure but does any one have any thoughts?
She is in pretty bad shape this morning. I finally checked her crop and it is large, seems like it is full of water.. I gave her some crushed watermelon,which she loves. Although I was trying to give her electrolytes, looking back I probably shouldn’t have because when I picked her up clear fluid came from her beak. She also has had almost completely clear diarrhea for 2 weeks at least. In researching that I read in extremely hot humid weather chicken will have diarrhea to cool themselves down. Weather here has been as hot and humid as I have ever seen it. She is very weak will stand up but walks only when made to. Her eyes stay closed almost all the time but there are times when she wakes up with a jerk and looks around then closes her eyes again. She will eat and drink. I have brought her in on the back porch and laid her on a towel.i have some powder candida complex for humans that has oregano leaf extract and other essential oils. In desperation I have thought about putting her on a regimen of that. Being by myself here and her so lethargic I don’t know if it would be a good idea to put her with her head down and trying to massage the contents of the crop because of danger of aspiration. I don’t mind massaging her crop it doesn’t seem to bother her either way. She usually will be fidgety when I handle her but not now. I would give anything in this world right now if you had a live chat forum. I will have to wait and twist my fingers until someone sees and comments on this post
. I will have to wait and twist my fingers until someone sees and comments on this post
Please tell us what is their regular feed including treats and supplements?

Sorry for your losses. :hugs

It does sound like she might be having a bit of slow or sour crop and aggravated by molt and weather. Are you able to post any pics? Have you checked for parasites... internal or external? :fl

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