i am @ day 20


11 Years
Jan 31, 2008
East KY
i am on day 20 with 100 eggs . and 5 has hatched and have LOTS of pips the chicks will be Buff Orpingtons. Black Giants. Barred Rocks. AND these crossed
Wow, awesome! Let us know how it goes - any chance of pics when more chicks arrive?
I have 26 eggs from Bantys and OEG and 7 tukerys i hope all hatch
Good luck on yours I got 1week left and cant wait when I candle them I can see them move Its so kool
UPDATE .... thay are about 35 of them hatched now and LOTS of pips. this is my 3rd hatch this year the first hatch was a test and i got 24 of 25.. the 2nd hatch i got 81 of 83 i am hatching with 1502 Sportsman Incubator so hope i get a good hatch this time
update ... i thank the hatch is done i got 94 out of 100 will to post some pics of them soon

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