I am developing skills I never had due to bad workmen

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    I have found that I can do things I had never thought I could do, while that has been satisfying I am still really angry that it was necessary! To explain I had a new bathroom partially fitted, I say partially done as the man didn't do the last bit. I found that the toilet was leaking so I got a plumber to sort that out no more leaky loo, no. Tried to get plumber out but he was a no show. So because I was worried about damage to ceiling:rolleyes: I took the toilet apart found bad seals had been used so I had to take the pipes to a diy store brought one with good seal and put the toilet together again no leak yea!! Next day I had a shower and went down stairs into the kitchen to find water coming through the ceiling. A pair of plumbers came out took one look at the shower said they had to make a hole in the ceiling found that the leak had ruined a large part of the ceiling. Went back to the shower cabin did nothing to it said replace with conventional shower and went. After calling the insurance company I emailed the company to see if it was safe to take the cabin apart they said try and move it. So I moved it found the leaking point sent back a picture the problem was when the shower was installed the plumber failed to put on the water out pipe from the steam generator to shower so it has been leaking ever since. I have the part on order and will sort it out because qualified plumber wouldn't even look at it.

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    Sorry you had such a bad experience with poor workmanship on their part. Sometimes the things learned because we have no other choice (except to sit in water or a leaking toilet) are the things that help us out in future 'tests to come' so hopefully you will have it all straightened out and not be 'tested' for a really long time. I could tell you about projects that will make your hair stand on end because the house I live in is 114 years old...and when you start tearing into plumbing or help us all electrical there is no light at the end of the tunnel..lol Good for you that you are learning all the bits and pieces that make a house run...and not run.

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