I am having fun with it right now,,,,,But???

Discussion in 'Geese' started by ScoobyRoo, Jan 12, 2010.

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    I am having the most fun out of my male pilgrim, Clyde these last few weeks. Until then, he kept his distance from me and was the king of his flock of Daisy (female pilgrim) and assorted ducks. He now follows me everywhere. He gets right under my feet and rubs his neck against my legs. I left for town a while ago and he chased the truck down the driveway a distance before going back to the rest of the flock. He follows me from the coop to the house and back. Always right there! No aggression what so ever. I'm not too sure how Daisy is taking this right now. They were hatched out last April. What is he really up to? I know when mating season comes I had better watch out. Is this normal behavior?
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    ROFL,.. I've actually had my leg humped by a gander, and it started with him rubbing his neck on my leg. One day I was out in the barn scrubbing a water bucket and he mounted me.

    It sounds like you might have an admirer.

    To keep my ganders under control I never hand feed them, I don't try to tame them down too much, and when they come at me in a threat display I slowly stop and turn towards them. Never turn your back on an attacking gander, should it come to that.
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    Land of OZ
    I have read too, not to feed by hand and I don't. I really do nothing but talk to him and nudge him over when he gets in my way to fill the feed bucket. A good thing, I saw him and Daisy doing the 'deed' this afternoon. So I hope he doesn't try anything funny with me. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem.[​IMG]
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