I am in Mississauga near Toronto (Giving Ducks)


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8 Years
Apr 8, 2011

My daughters raised two pekin ducks, but we are given a notice to remove the ducks because of the city bylaws. I am looking for someone who lives on a farming land and can take the two 7 months old ducks. We did build a pen which can go with the ducks if needed. Its a pair, and very friendly, doesn't bite and very much comfortable with humans. UNFORTUNATELY we have to remove them. My daughter is very sad, it would help if someone can take them. Thanks.
if you haven't done so yet. Go to Poultryswap.com
it is an Ontario based poultry website alot like this one. but if you posted your ducks on there, i bet someone near you would give them a loving home.
Good Luck
I would love to take them, if you haven't already found someone closer, I am in south western Quebec and could drive part of the way if you could meet me halfway. (Three children would be in the car too.)

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