I am looking for 10-12 Chickens where can I get them online?


8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Eastern NY
Hi, I am looking to get 10-12 Chickens, I would like o get them at laying age or pretty close to it, Is there any place I can order this many from online? I would like to get a mixture. Thanks
Yeah, for big birds your better off looking at your local classifieds or craigs list. Pick up is MUCH better for your pocketbook and chickens if you can possibly do it.
I believe 25 rule only applies to day old chicks
Too expensive to buy adults online. Better to find them locally or order chicks online and sell the extras.
I have a guy down the road that has year old ones for like $10.00 each, He has some diffrent breeds but I would like to get some of the not so common ones. But I see that they can be expensive online, I have been doing some research.
Where are you located, Joe? I ask because I am liquidating my egg layer flock - they aren't even 10 months old. I have 3 Amberlinks, 1 Red Sexlink and 2 Tetra Tints. I also have 4 older Red Sexlinks my husband rescued and they are now ready to be rehomed. I thought if you were local, maybe I could help you out with a few that are young and already laying. ;)

ETA: I'd let my two Speckled Sussex and two Buff Orps go, too.
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