I am looking for breed advice: Bad flyer. calm and a reasonable egg layer.... help please!

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    Hello All,

    I am seeking zoning board approval for chickens in a residential area. We live on a little under an acre. Others have received approval so I feel confident that we will have a some chickens in the spring. The backyard is at least a half of an acre and has a 4 foot fence. Since we live in a neighborhood, I'd like to select a breed that is less likely to fly over the fence. We don't want to keep them enclosed in a run, so we are definitely talking about free ranging over the 1/2 acre with 4 to 6 hens...

    We do live in upstate New York, so we need a breed that can handle the cold. I'll have electricity in the 4' x 7' coop. We are looking for egg layers; although, we don't need a breed that generate tons of eggs... the single most important quality is "don't fly over the fence." I have read that Silkies don't fly, and maybe we will end up with this breed, but we'd prefer a heavier breed that is less likely to fly and not make a ton of noise or be overly skittish.

    The farm down the road has Buff Orpingtons, and I notice that some of them fly over the fence; although our fence is a little taller, and he has a couple of hundred chickens and I usually only see a few percent over the fence at any given time.

    Searching through BYC, I did see some comments that Rhode Island Reds tend not to fly over fences. What about a Jersey Giant? Does big bird = bad flyer?

    Please offer your advice. I have been doing a lot of reading, but this will be our first time raising chickens.

    Many thanks
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    Yes - big bird usually equals bad flyer. My Buff Orpingtons are the best chickens ever - sweet, calm, tame, bad flyers, and lay a good amount of eggs. They aren't as good as my Gold Stars are Leghorns, which are egg-pumper-outers, but still. Good. Silkies can be very very tame, don't fly, but they lay tiny eggs - not much bigger then a quarter. I don't know about RIR. My Black Sex-links hate flying - they can't barely get off of the rooster. They are big chickens - 6-7 pounds. They also lay a good amount of eggs. My Easter Eggers, while they lay good and pretty eggs, are very good flyers, as well as my leghorns. You could always clip your chickens wings - very easy and painless for the chickens.

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