I am looking to buy


11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
Branford Fl
I can buy or trade for these
I am looking for pure breed Standard Rex Rabbits NOT mini.
I would like a male and female, with solid coloration not broke, in the tan or gray family.

Also I am looking for a Great Pyrenees puppy, no older than six months old please. Email me or PM me with info on what you have. I live in North Florida and would prefer to stay in the state. Thank you very much for any input.
some times Standard Rex is hard to find just like the Standard Hotot i did find some but they are in Ohio and Michigan
I am really having a hard time finding them... That is usually how my luck goes though, I see something I like and it's really hard to find for sale... OH well I am going to hold out... still waiting...
I saw that I really actually come to think of it.... NO I don't I would wrather have the thing's I listed... But thanks for asking...
I do have a full sized female rex doe for sale. She's very nice.

We also have holland lop breeder doe for sale.

We sell the holland lops, fullsized does, also mini rex and lions heat and new zealand rabbits.

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