I am singing " I am so excited"


12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
I am about to loose control and I think I like it !!!.......Tomorrow is the BIG day !! Today I got the thermostat assembly for my incubator I have some lovely eggs ...bought from another lovely member off this forum who by the way has beautiful chickens and Roo's and a great set up !!
This is my first time .......
Yayy! Hope you have a great hatch! I was super excited when I started my first (current) batch! I got the eggs the night I do babysitting, and was bouncing the entire night waiting to get home.

You'll get more excited before lockdown! <3
Soon you will be addicts like the rest of us! It's so awesome seeing the embryos developing when you candle them. I hatched my own chickens and pheasants for the first time last year. It's cool having a little being developing in there. I think everyone should do it at least once.
I feel like its the night before Christmas and I am 8 yrs old again ....pretty funny when I am really 40 something.....Yesterday when we picked up the eggs she candled one of her eggs that was in her incubator....it was the first time I seen a candled egg .I felt like I was watching my altersound from when I was pregnant ...I felt like crying ...lol....Hubby put the new thermostate on the incubator and now i am just waiting for my girls eggs tomorrow morning and I'll put them all in ...going to start it up in the morning ....I feel like pacing the floor....maybe some pickles and ice cream ...or for me it was kentucky fried chicken and freezies....I am going to go mark down all the names of the breeds now...I am not naming each egg I meant the breed names .....
Okay their all tucked away in the incubator after spending all day in my PJ's trying to figure it out ......thank God for slow cookers !!.....now I am just waiting for the temperature to get back up after opening it ....
I have about
14 of my backyard mongrels in there
9 Mille Fleur Duccles bantam
4 blue laced Red Wyandottes
5 Blue Silkies
11 Partridge Chateller Standards

If they all hatch I am in BIG do do !! lol
and to think spring is not even here yet ....
Okay have to run down to the basement and check the temp's ....
well at least i dont have to change into my P.J's

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