I am smarter than a chicken!


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Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
Really. Sometimes I wonder, though.

But today I got one over on them. It all began when my EE Flo, with a long history of feather picking, reverted once again to her evil ways. In quick succession, as I was watching, she plucked, first one feather from one hen, then quickly liberated another one of a whole clump.

I didn't waste any time. I snatched up Flo and took her inside and installed a fresh set of pinless peepers on her. You should know that Flo is a charming little girl, comes when I call her name, jumps right up into my lap for pets, and trusts me completely.

So I felt awful that I needed to do this to her. She took it well, and we returned to the pen. But it had been a while since Flo has worn her bright blue eye wear around the others in the flock, and a couple were vicious about letting her know they didn't approve of her new look.

I called Flo and she came and hopped into my lap, and I pondered the situation. Her peepers were the only blue thing in the pen, so I needed to remedy that. I put Flo down and went back and got a dozen peepers and tossed them all around the pen, bright blue peepers just like Flo's.

It solved the problem! With peepers staring up from the ground everywhere, no one was bothered by Flo and her blue peepers! Harmony was once again restored! I consider this round a win for the human.

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