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    Jun 4, 2007
    Central Arkansas
    :thun I ordered 6 "Rare" japanese batam eggs from Ebay. I paid promptly after auction was over and requested that EGGS be written all over the box and a message to call me as soon as they arrived at the post office and had not heard from the person. So after receiving 4 other boxes of eggs from different people this week I thought I would contact the person. THey told me they had shipped them Tues and the eggs were 2-3 days old when they shipped them. Today is Saturday, the mail person drives up to my driveway and honks. I go out and she told me the box stunk badly it had stunk up the whole PO office (ours is small) I had ordered other stuff from Ebay so I assumed it was beads. I told her I had went up to the PO office yesterday to see if my other eggs were in but they weren't and she told me they had not received a box marked EGGS. She said this smells like rotten eggs but it's not even marked Fragile.

    I opened the box and it was eggs alright. THe were packed so poorly. A few wadded newspaper and it looked like the eggs might have 2 kleenexs wrapped around them.

    THe box was postmarked Wed pm!

    One of the boxes of eggs I received this week had damaged to the box, one side smashed in but not a broken egg. Jody and Jen it wasn't your eggs.

    Sorry had to vent. I"m just soooo made because the description sounded really cool.

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Did you pay for insurance? I would try to contact the seller and see what there policy on broken eggs is. If it was that poorly packed I personally would never buy for them again. Im sorry it totally sucks.
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    I would photograph the box and the eggs with tissue just in case you want to prove your damages either to the PO or the seller.
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    I would definitely contact the seller and ask for a refund... I am an eBay seller too (not eggs; beads) and this kind of unprofessionalism makes all the sellers look bad, even the good ones (like myself). [​IMG] If this doesn't work, file a dispute with eBay as item not as described and item arrived damaged, and leave the seller a well deserved neg citing poor packaging for fragile items.
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    :thun That's terrible! I'm so sorry. Geez, the way I pack my eggs, it takes me the better part of an hour to pack a dozen eggs. I don't put EGGS on the box, but I have multiple stickers that say "EXTREMELY FRAGILE! DO NOT SHAKE, CRUSH or DROP! THANK YOU!"
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    Did you pay the usual $10-15 for packing and shipping?
  7. Davaroo

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    Yeah, that sucks. Little is as deflating as gettin' a sodden egg box in the mail. Talk about your ruined moments. All that waiting and then bammo - nothing! So sorry.

    But there is little you can do now, really, except look to the future.

    You can howl for a refund, and you may get one. I hope so.

    You could also put your heads together, determine what went wrong and try another shipment. Your seller might appreciate the conciliatory gesture.

    I have never tried for insurance on eggs. Even with insurance, I doubt you will find collecting on it is worth the trouble.

    You may be a newb to shipped eggs. May I recommend some things?

    - RELAX.
    These are chickens, not treats in the candy store window. There is a continuity to them that you don't find with many other goods. This means...

    - You dont need to be in a hurry.
    Most sellers on ebay, today, will have eggs on an ongoing basis. Ask all your questions now, BEFORE you bid. If you miss the auction this time, ask when they will have more eggs to sell. Chances are good it will be very soon.
    These two alone will save you much grief.

    - Ask for references
    Other happy buyers will understand your trepidation and will give them, in my experience. There is nothing like referrals to make you and the seller feel good.

    - Have them email you pics of how they pack.
    If your breeder has only a few shipments to his/her credit, they may actually need a little guidance. Expect them to make corrections if they need to and to NOT send eggs until they do. But dont start out by being a butthead... they SHOULD know what they're doing, but they may need a little gentle educating. I've seen it happen.

    - Try to avoid ebay - unless you can determine the sellers record of success.
    Some of the best breeders/sellers I've used were found on ebay; people I have gone back to. Alas, some dolts are out there, too, and it is up to you to weed them out.

    WARNING: Shamless Plug Ahead:
    Be advised, you have some of the best sources for eggs you will want right here on the two BYC's. With about every breed under the sun represented by someone, if they don't have what you want they probably know who does.

    As always, the oldest rule in the book applies here:
    "Caveat Emptor" - Buyer Beware. DO your due diligence and know your breeder. Once you find good ones, stick by them or those others they recommend.
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    I have never had as many problems with shipping as I have this year and alot of it is due to marking the box eggs, they seem to see the eggs written all over and kick em like a football yes even insured so I just started fragile. Im sorry yours was ruined and not wrapped right I do bubble wrap mine too but dont mark em anymore just some food for thought;)
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    Central Arkansas
    Sorry Eldorado that I complained!!!!!!

  10. Davaroo

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    Feb 4, 2007
    Leesville, SC
    Eldorado! I like that, thanks![​IMG]

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