I am so happy and impressed with Meyer Hatchery

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    Jul 8, 2010
    I have used Meyer for 3 or 4 orders of chicks over the past couple years and have always been pleased with them.

    I am even more impressed with them. I had to call them today about changing my ship date and also some of my order. They were super with me. Their customer care person was so darn nice and took time to help me with adjusting the order and shipping/delivery date.

    I was initially going to get the chicks the last week of April but had to change to the last of May or first of June. Due to my broken leg is not healing and I may even have to have additional surgery mid April of bone grafting around the break site to try to get healing of the break.[​IMG]

    The customer service person helped me change dates and also helped me find replacement chicks for the ones that would not be available anymore at that time. I won't be getting the pullet blue chochins nor the pullet partridge cochins, but found another brown egg layer breed that would be available at the new shipping time.

    And as for the chochins that I couldn't get after all, I will order them from Meyer next year. [​IMG]

    I have to say that Meyer Hatchery and My Pet Chicken are my absolute most favorite places to buy from and also deal with their customer service people. [​IMG]

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