I am so proud with 39 chicks


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So I got my new Genisis Hovabator in late January, then I bought a little giant egg turner from my local Rural King Store. Next I hit up a friend for some Seabright eggs to hatch, He gave me 48. I put them in the brand new bator on February 3 at about 9:00 pm. Kept the water tray full. After about a week I candle them all but two were fertile. On Saturday night 2/20/2010 I removed the egg turner. Monday night 2/22/2010 The first eggs hatched, by morning another three, Tuesday after I got home from work 30 were hatched and by Wensday morning 39. I lost two baby chicks while they where trying to hatch and 5 eggs never pipped. I am still very surprised at how well the bator did. I had hatched eggs out several years ago but had a lot of trouble only about a 30% hatch rate. This was a great experience I can't wait to hit up some friends for some eggs of some other breeds I want. Will add pics Soon. Oh and by the way does anyone have areason for the early hatch?
Cute and congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
jjhuntsalot, oh oh oh too much cuteness. Congratulations on your great hatch. and thanks for sharing the pics. Can't wait to give hatching a try!

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