I am so sick of this .... (mini rant)


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Okay so as you may know last month i took in a cat named Pumpkin who was dumped at my house and i got her fixed , UTD on shot and groomed
well this morning i wake up and find a emaciated dog under a year old his teeth are pure white tied to our front porch its a lab/hound mix and sweet as could be he has lacarations on his neck from a chain
i gave him a bath and got him fed '
a rescue group i know is coming to get him ....
i am so sick of animals being dropped off at my house
I mean it wouldn't have been that hard to feed him once in a while so he didnt get to this point , they could have paid the $40.00 and brought him to the SPCA
I feel for this dog he is so sweet and has good manners and knows commands
Please excuse my mini rant
I am just fed up with this I am only one person and i can't deal with all this stress i hate having these sad animals dumped on me

I meen why get a dog if you are jut gonna tie it in the yard and let it get to that point and then dump him on someone who is going through enough as it is i just lost my 12 x 12 chicken shed to a tornado ,
thank you for listening
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They are irresponsible owners and cannot do the part they should have considered before getting the dog. If they know you are a softie they will target you for ponying up the 40 bucks. Them tornados have been bad this year, sorry.
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Put up a large sign stating "All abandoned animals will be shot" on your property. They don't have to know you wont do it.
Yep! Just had a momma cat and 3 kittens dumped out day before yesterday. Last year some idiot dumped out 2 kittens and a puppy. We kept them. Can't keep them all.
Ah, hey, join the club, we've got T-shirts...
We always get tom cats. That makes it really difficult because they are very hard to catch and they like to fight with my cats (all of whom were rescues).

It does make one
though. Lots of folks think barn=need more cats...

At least you are doing the right thing.
That is very irresponsible of people to do, dumping them off on you like that. At least they go somewhere to get a second chance after you get them! If I couldn't take care of my dog, feed her, walk her, take her to the vet etc. I would take her to the ASPCA myself. It would hurt, but I love her too much to allow her to be neglected.
Take dumped off animals to the humane society once you're full. You can only do so much, and there is a completely unlimited, perpetual supply of unwanted animals.
At least you have a rescue group that is willing to come take the dog. Around here nobody will do that, they all tell us all we can do is take the animal to the pound and that *maybe* it will get pulled by a rescue group. I ended up keeping the little kitten that got dumped here last November because I didn't think she had much chance of an adoption over the Thanksgiving holiday and by the time the weekend was over her time would be up. Ours is a kill shelter and I think they only get 4 days here. I just couldn't do it.

I seriously hate the people who pull this dumping crap!!
Tied the dog to your front porch? I'd get me a game camera, set it up, and let it catch who is doing this.

Long ago, I had the reputation of taking in all sorts of strays, fix them up, and send them to new homes. Then somebody dumped 14 pups in a GE dishwasher box on my front doorstep They looked like airedale mixes. Cute as can be. I loaded them in the back of the Subaru Brat and took them to the animal shelter. I told the shelter director how they were dumped, gave her the box, and left those cuties there.

I never took in a dumped animal again. Instead, once a month, I sponsor a pet so he or she can get spayed or neutered. Once the word got out that I no longer accepted unwanted pets they stopped appearing at my doorstep.
We apparently live the perfect distance from town to have people dump dogs out on our road. It annoys me that our animal shelter charges us if we take one to them but if we call and complain about a stray they will send the dogcatcher for free.

We take the nicer ones to them anyway but some are so pitiful it seems better to just put them down myself.

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