I am the real idiot!

Tom Gant

In the Brooder
11 Years
Aug 15, 2008
I have and incubator and decided on seting some eggs. Well I started collecting eggs to put in it for a week. So the first day I turned it on I put 3 eggs in it for a trail run. Well 2 of them hatched Tuesday and there was one left yesterday. The one that didn't hatch had some fluid that had seeped threw the shell that kinda looked like sap from a tree. Well yesterday I got this egg out and was wondering why it had not hatched. I genlty scatched it with my finger nail while holding it close to my ear to see if I could hear it chirping inside. Well I didn't hear anything so I tapped it with my finger nail and BOOM. All in my face and up my nose. I still have that smell in my nose.

Oh no!!!!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. Bad Tori.

Any that weep like that, yes, they should be removed quickly and carefully...

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