I call it "The Triple C Ranch"


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Hi everyone. I've been reading so much great stuff on BYC that I had to join!

I'm from the great state of Wisconsin but currently live in North Carolina, near Raleigh, on a little two acre spread we just bought in the country about eight months ago. I got my first small group of chickens about 11 weeks ago when they were just three days hatched. I'm starting with three red star and two black star sex links. We are having a wonderful time and learning so much. I also recently added 8 guinea keets a couple weeks ago.

I've been honing my building skills and have added a 5 x 8 foot run to the end of my girls A-frame chicken tractor. They needed more running room as I don't let them free range the yard.

Then when I got the keets the race was on to build them a coop for safety at night but also to get them out of the brooder as soon as possible. They are quite the little poop machines! I'm leaving the husband in charge when I go out of town next month and need to make running the ranch as easy as possible for him. So, Saturday was spent building a coop using an old 75 gallon fish tank base. We raised it so it would be off the ground for their safety and added the run. It's about 4 x 5 feet and almost 5 feet tall.

I love my girls and my keets enough to have started raising crickets for them. I noticed how the chicks went crazy when a bug got into the brooder and decided to start buying them at the local gas station. Then I thought, "why not grow my own"! So I do.

Before all the chicken, guinea, cricket stuff got going I have been rescuing cats for several years and I now have 13, most of which are now reaching their elderly years. We don't find them, they find us.

So to put it all together, I am the CEO of "The Triple C Ranch" (Cats, chickens, crickets)!
Looking forward to learning and sharing with other chicken people!
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Hello and :welcome

I have sex links (stars) too, they are such fantastic layers!!
Good on you for rescuing cats, that's a fantastic thing to do.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

P.s. And yea, my chickens will often go CRAZY over crickets. It's a hoot to watch :lol:

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