I can only find 1 Connecticut breeder! ACK!


9 Years
Jun 11, 2010
So I've been looking for some breeders in CT because I would like to get chicks rather than eggs that I'd then need to hatch, and most places won't ship chicks. However, the only breeder I've found is the Hall Brothers Hatchery. We aren't ready for chickens yet, but I figured I should find out what's out there. Does anyone know of any other CT breeders? The breeds I'm planning on getting are Easter Eggers and Sussex, but only a total of 5 birds.

Thank you much
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I may be too late in responding to this thread for you, but just to let other CT folks know for the future.. if you look on CraigsList over the summer months, there is a woman in Durham who breeds true Ameraucana and other breeds. She does not have a website that I know of, but just keep you eyes peeled for her to list them on CL.
what about mypetchicken.com i have done 2 orders from them, very happy with my results. and you can get a small order.
there's a guy who raises and sells barnevelder chicks and hatching eggs in CT you have to go to his farm and pick them up though he doesn't ship. I'll find a link to his site if you're interested

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