I can't believe how small the runt still is, thought I'd share a pic :)

I know :) low grower too I guess. Not the best pic to tell the different but I'm guessing half the average weight at most. Looks like a tiny bird w normal size duck feet. It could be one of their babies hehe
Very cute!
Our Pekin hatch this year has one that's smaller than the others too.

We call her/him Peanut. LOL
Still trying to determine if male or female. Waiting for Peanut to start quacking!
Omigosh, that is waaaay too cute! My only female pekin out of our hatch this year was about that small compared to her siblings. Way too cute.
So sweet! We have a runt in our lastest batch as well, and it's really hard not to favor them like they need your "help" more than the others.

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