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We got our first chicks last night. The seemed to be really tired and were flopping over dead asleep in the brooder. I got up this morning and was thrilled to see all of them eating. The funny thing is however that if I go in and start talking to them, they stop whatever they're doing and go to sleep... Is that a good thing or a bad one?

Sorry if this is ridiculous, but I don't know much about baby chick behavior (obviously)....
Sounds totally normal to me.
Sounds normal, I have 2 Golden sex links in the brooder right now and they occasionally do the same thing.

I had one of my older chooks scare me last week; she looked like she was in convulsions in the run, thrashing around on one side and kicking her foot in the air. I really thought she had broken her neck somehow, but she was just taking a dustbath. She's done it several times since, and she just likes groveling in the warm sand...

They are like kids, and will do things you least expect...

Maybe what you talk about is really boring for them. They're so bored they fall asleep.
Try talking about mealworms and grapes...
Mine did that a lot for the first few days. They would eat and play for 10 minutes and take a long nap, and repete. They are over a week old now and do it far less.
Hahaha! Thank you for sharing that because I probably would have thought the same thing if I saw it and you hadn't mentioned it!
OK - whew! I thought I was scaring them to sleep or something, hahaha! Thanks!

Gosh, if you could develop that skill, you could make a killing with some parents I know.

"Contessa, the Sleep Whisperer"


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