I can't keep my humidity up during LockDown. Please Help!


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
I have an LG Still Air incubator. I have been doing a dry incubation and all seems to be pretty good. During the first 18 days my humidity was 30-40%. I put my eggs in lock down yesterday after filling all the channels with water. I have it rigged so I can add water without opening the incubator. Yesterday I added a sponge because my humidity kept dropping below 60%. It is still hovering just below 60%. I have 2 hygrometers which I calibrated before I started and they are agreeing with each other. What do I do. Should I add another sponge or a small cup of water or what???
I would soak that sponge bigtime...how big is the sponge? If it is palm of your hand size add another one.

The humidty will go up once pipping and zipping starts but you need to get it up now....so get another sponge in there if needed or get the one in there really wet.

The sponge I use is huge



I had to watch the humidty to make sure it did not get too high during hatch but it kept it perfect during lockdown.
I have a 3x5" sponge and it was pretty soggy when I put it in. I don't have any more in the house so I just added a soggy folded up wash cloth (of course my humidity dropped when I opened the incubator!!!). I like the idea of keeping it in a tupperware container. I will try that next time. I will keep adding water to the one that is already there (I can do that without opening the incubator . . . Turkey injectors come in very handy). Thanks for the advice.
I use 3 sponges in my LG. 1 on each side and one on top (I have a fan so the bottom hole can't be used) and kept good humidity.

I too use a injector and a piece of plastic tubing to add the water. This past hatch (2 days ago) I went as far as to put the bator up on blocks for better airflow and a rag underneith to catch the water that didn't make it to the sponges (and not ruin the table). Food coloring also helped.

Thank you to everyone who gave me these ideas and didn't even know it:D
It's as simple as spraying them with a mist bottle, like you would use on house plants. I've never used the wet sponge method. I don't have the extra room in the bator.

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