I can't post a auction?? WHY?? Please Help

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7 Years
Feb 5, 2012
This my last resort.

I have looked up and read and read all different things and still can't post an auction

I have 21 post now. I read I need 20 post to be able to do an auction..

I even signed up early this morning for a membership for 6 months.
did forget to put my id but I did send a email letting someone know.
to add it to my. I thought this would help.

To get bak on track of what I am saying. I am not able to post and auction on here even though I have 21 post one more then what is rquirred i have membership now and I hve read for the past hour.. Still nothing..

What am I doing wrong and How can I fix it to be able to post an auction...
Pleae help

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