I could have a broody!

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9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
I had 3 hens go broody on me last fall. Two of them hatched eggs while the last gave up in the cold weather.

It looks like my hen that we call Black Betty (White Rock crossed with a Silver Sebright) might be going broody. Last week I spotted her in a nest box pulling eggs under her like she was going broody. Then last night she slept in a nest box with fake eggs and stayed there through this morning. Something tells me that I'll be saving up my fertilized White Rock eggs for the next few days just in case I do have a natural incubator on my hands.

Now I have to build her a brooding box and get her interested in sitting on the eggs in there.
Lucky you!
It is official. She has changed from "Black Betty" to "Broody Black Betty"!!!!

And my wife's response? "You have enough chickens already. I mean this is like an automated incubator. She's on fake eggs now. I pulled newly laid (unfertilized) eggs out from under her last night but then put in some fake ones. She growled a bit but didn't peck me and helped me get the fake ones in under her. I should have enough fertilized White Rock eggs for her in a few more days. Then I'll let her be and see what happens.
Good Luck!

What is invloved in moving her? Did you build Broody Black Betty a new box?

I am really hoping my flock will be self sufficiant in a few years, so I'm following this thread. My black hen was spending lots of time on the nest, but she didn't give me stink eye when I felt around under her then yesterday she was back outside.

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