I.D. help with "Choice Layers"


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Jun 6, 2020
I ordered a mix of "Choice Layers" and am not sure what all I ended up with (other than 5 Buff Orpington and at least 2 cockerels šŸ˜«). I think the one feather footed one is a partridge cochin (maybe cockerel?), but please correct me if I'm wrong. The black ones have dark legs, and white tipped wing feathers when extended. Hopefully the pics are clear.
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Iā€™ve no idea what the rest are, but you do have a partridge Cochin cockerel. Hopefully this ā€˜bumpsā€™ your thread so others can give their 2 pence :)
Thank you for confirming my suspicions on the partridge cochin cockerel. Now if I can just figure out the rest!
1st photo. Agree, Partridge Cochin rooster

2nd photo...the gold are Buff Orpingtons...far left looks to be a rooster, front is a hen, can't tell with the bird with head down. In the middle looks to be either a Brown Leghorn pullet, or possibly Silver Leghorn pullet ...depending on the true lighting of the bird vs photo.

3rd photo...looks to be a Black Sexlink hen.

My guesses.


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