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11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
I have two coops because we ended up with a couple more birds than planned (they're like pringles... I can't stop!). The smaller coop I have has my RIR and two australorps, but the coop they have been in is really barely big enough for two fairly small birds, about 1.5ft x 4ft. The australorps have gotten really big and the girls have been terribly crowded in there, especially now that the RIR has started laying and I had to take up floor space to put in a nest box.

Tonight, I decided enough was enough. My DH had been saying we would build a new coop, big enough for all of them but things keep delaying it (no fault of his). We had several large pieces of plywood laying around and lots of other scraps, so I decided just to bite the bullet and enlarge that coop myself. I am NOT a handy person, lol. I did, however, manage to enlarge it (no windows in the new part) to about 4x6! It is definitely temporary, but I am so glad my girls are finally going to have the space they need. I'm not posting pics because it is so dreadfully ugly, lol, but I just had to crow a bit about my accomplishment (seeing as I am so horribly un-handy). Hurray!


11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
Olympia WA
Please post a pic--it will give encouragement to others who may consider themselves unhandy! Remember the only way you get handy (unless you are one of those genetically capable people) is through practice. I have built my chickens some dreadful things to live in, but if they are happy, I'm happy!

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