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Jun 29, 2011
Ok we have a broody sitting on 9 eggs. Well another one of our hens decided that she was going to go broody also. As you can immagine they fought over some of the eggs and one was broke open. I have no idea if this is going to work but here is what I did with the egg.

That is the corner of a ziplock bag that I attatched to the egg with wax. I know there is a boy on here that has tried an egg with a window but I am worried because it is so close to hatching that any attempts that I do are going to be worthless. The chick already has down on it. If I remember correctly it has about two weeks left till hatch. I have the egg in my home made incubator right now. Any Ideas?
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Huge surprise!! Chick is still alive
I don't know for how long
but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
It has been a while sincs I have incubated any eggs so if you can refresh my memory on the hummidity level that it should be at, in this stage of development it would be appriciated. Right now my hummidity level is at 70%.
I'm doing my first incubation currently, and from the research I did, it should be around 35-45% (opinions on this varies a lot but you're definitely too high) and then for the last 3 days before hatch you want to bump it up to about 70%. Having really high humidity early can cause the air sac not to develop and drowning I've read. Good luck! Cool idea you have there, I hope it works.
Thanks so much for your resopnses. I will adjust my hummidity level. I was shocked to see movement as I too thought the chick was a gonner. I am sooo happy that it is still alive it is a SS and this is my first hatch of them.
How long was the hen sitting on it before this? As incubation total is around 3 weeks but after only one week it won't have feathers, I think maybe its in its final week?
Yeay someone else from York. That's great. The chicks could be in their final week, I have lost count of the days. lol Welcome to my hectic life. Oh well at leats the last time I checked on it (which was about 30min ago) it was still alive
. We can see the fluid moving inside and I am guessing that is from it "breathing". So I am very happy about that!

I am in the Red Lion area. Where are you?

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