I didn't turn enough!

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  1. Xikayla

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    Jan 28, 2016
    Hi all, I'm on day 15 of my first hatch. I have 18 eggs, 6 ar silkies and I have no idea about the others except they're big brown egg. I have an old Styrofoam incubator with a fan, keeps the temp perfectly at 99-100. The humidity fluctuates a lot, from 30-60%. My problem is , so far only 8 eggs look like they're alive and well when I candle. And none of the silkies...the silkies all look like they stopped growing around day 8-10. Every forum I've read says I likely didn't turn enough. I thought a hands off policy was best, so I turned them all in the morning and at night. Only twice a day. Grrrr. Now I'm so scared that my 8 eggs left will all die or pip and not hatch. Any advice to save them now that I'm already this far into it??? Is it possible that silkies are just smaller and slower??? My 3 year old is dying of excitement, I think a bunch of dead chicks will be pretty devastating.
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    Did you see any blood rings when you candled? You should read the hatching 101 post in the learning center. Very good info. Good luck! I'm hatching out right now. 3 out of 7 already.
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    Glad you could join us here! Not turning enough can cause malformed chicks or the embryo to stick to the membrane inside the egg. Turning the eggs keeps the nutrients in the egg moving around the embryo and helps the chick to develop its body parts in the right position. Turning an odd number times per day ie 3 - 5 times a day ensures your eggs are not left on the same position for 2 nights in a row which would be the longest period of not turning. As your eggs are on day 15 they should be pretty full of chick so you may just not be seeing movement due to it being so full.
    I would continue with your turning untill day 18 and recandle to see what's going off in them. Do check though for any stinky eggs or leaky eggs. Fingers crossed all will be well and you get some chicks :fl

    Keep us posted :D
  4. Xikayla

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    Jan 28, 2016
    I turned so they had equal time on each side, 12 hours and 12 hours. I started with 15 eggs and 7 look full with a good size air bubble and the rest have small, penny sized embryo. Maybe my 7 will make it.

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