I do not know use search for this one sorry tell me what the heck they

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    I could not begin to figure out what words to put in the search to find this one so would you guys be kind enough to tell me about this please?

    we have 11 hens (almost a year old all of them and some older I think) of various breeds and yesterday we were watching them all do their wonderful thing! (and I am new at this so please forgive me not knowing all the terms)

    they all have moments of finding who is stud hen and stuff so I am used to that .and I can tell when someone ticked someone else off or if there is one chicken being picked on now .they are very cliquish I never knew this before ..how funny it reminds me of a Jr High school yard sometimes (digressing here sorry)

    all of a sudden yesterday .. three hens ..a heghorn the BO and my Barred R ock cross stopped what they were doing from far ends of the pen ..ran together in a perfect star shape and touched beaks right at the very tips... they were literally like the Three Musketeers ..eyes in a fixed stare at eachother beaks touching all at a very "ATTENTION" but it did not feel like a threat thing at all ...they held for a moment then broke the crossing of swords (with out the cross just the tips of the beaks touched) but kept the stare going .. the leghorn's ritalin wore off and she went back to scratching and eating

    but the other two stayed perfectly still (it just looked like they were frozen in time) with the stare for quite sometime then the BO wandered off leaving my Barred Rock cross stuck in his stare for at least another 20 seconds or so

    my husband and I were locked in the moment as well ..trying not to move to see how long all this lasted

    not one feather or anything moved they would have made perfect pictures because they were perfectly posed...every feather in plance

    the eyes were the strangest thing they were fixed ..frozen and when it broke everything changed

    what the heck was that????

    (sorry about any misspells or grammer issues I am trying to get used to new glasses and it is not going very well )
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  2. I believe you witnessed a challenge for dominance within the pecking order. The one who backed down was stating that she recognized the other as being higher in the order...

    Pecking orders can alter over time as birds grown and especially as hormone levels change.[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] That's one of those moments when you wish you hada video camera with you!

    I'd bet LynneP is right, just a different way of doing it- they were playing "Chicken"! [​IMG]
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    Mar 1, 2009
    Quote:no kidding huh??? it was like they were seized

    thanks Lynne that explains it ..

    but it was very wierd/hysterical/ beautiful and cool to see!

    who knew chickens could be this intense

    the staping out of it thing was funny as well it was hard for them to break that stare!

    like when my bully dog wants her kong ball.. you can not get her off it!! she will stare it off the shelf into her mouth all with out breathing flinching or moving
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    Sounds pretty awesome. Chickens are so fun to watch. [​IMG]
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    wow. what a moment, huh? aint nature amazing?!
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    that sound pretty fun to watch lol [​IMG]

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