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11 Years
Jan 19, 2009
I love my EE, I had more and my RIR killed them. Well the RIRs are gone, and I am wanted to have baby chicks from my EE girl and my favorite boy. But her eggs never seem to be fertile. I tried with every one of her eggs last year and nothing. Is it because the two different breeds won't mix, or maybe she isn't letting the roo get her? I just don't get it I can hatch almost any of my eggs except hers.

Thanks for any help!

she is 2 years old. that is what I was thinking that the roo isnt getting her, she does have this look like don't mess with me. lol I just wasn't sure, because someone told me last year that the female ee you can't breed with any roo. Which doesn't make sense to me. So I knew someone on here would know for sure.

I guess I will keep trying this spring too, maybe with 3 roos one will luck out! lol Last year I only had a banty roo, I took him out and now have 3 large roos in there. Thanks for your help, Even though I have had chickens for 2 years I still have questions! lol

There's nothing anatomically preventing it, so it has to be her. Any roo can mate any hen. Is he younger than she is? Is she top hen and has decided he is beneath her?

ETA: My EE's eggs are fertile from my Welsummer cockeral. (she's a year old and he's 17 weeks old)
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Last year the banty roo that was with her is the same age. The roos now are a year old. I don't think she is the top hen. But she does have that way about her, that she thinks she is the top and no one meets her standards. I know that sounds silly, but she just has this look. Maybe because she was in the house with me for a year I just know her I dunno! lol

Thanks for answering this, I forgot who told me that last year, but the more I thought about it, it just didn't make sense that you needed a ee roo to get a mix. lol I am new at this so I will believe anything, what can I say! lol

Does your EE have extra thick feathers? With certain breeds, like Cochin and Orpingtons, the feathers around the vent can be so thick that the rooster has trouble hitting his target. You might check out this link.

Vent trimming

Thanks for posting this. It reminded me I need to trim my Orpingtons pretty soon, probably today. I'll probably do all mine just for that extra assurance although I am seeing the bull's eye.
roos sometimes have their favorite hens. Maybe tie a ribbon in her hair. Seriously I would put them together in a pen by themselves til you see some action.

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