I don't know what I'm hungry for...

What should I eat for supper?

  • Taco Rice

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  • Tuna on Toast

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  • Tomato Soup

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  • Chicken Noodle Soup

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  • Canned Chicken

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  • Frozen Peas

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  • Toast

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  • Cold Cereal

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  • Ramen Noodles *Chicken Flavor*

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  • Hot Dog Buns *I have no hot dogs*

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Iowa Roo Mom

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Apr 30, 2009
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I haven't been grocery shopping in forever, this is my own fault.
Bottom line... I need to go to the store tomorrow, and this is not up for debate!!!
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ok here's dinner:

Take the canned chicken and drain it.

cook up the ramen noodles WITHOUT the nasty seasoning packet

grab those peas.

Get you your skillet, add a few drops of oil and as hot as you can get it. Toss in frozen peas (wack the bag on the counter to break up clumps), stir fry them 2 minutes (stir fast and hot, so no burning) toss in chicken stir hot 2 more mins. Take those drained ramen noodles, chuck that into the pand and stir 1 min.

Scrounge up some soy or teriyaki sauce (or the sweet and sour packets from last week's takeout, I won't tell), toss a few tsps in give one last stir, and there you are chicken stir fry.
Ramen noodles
Robin'sBrood :

So, what went in your tummy? I voted tuna on toast, with mayo, of course.

Um.... NO!!!! Don't get me even started on MAYO! It is the roots of all that is evil.

Mmmm... Pass the pineapple please
Um.... NO!!!! Don't get me even started on MAYO! It is the roots of all that is evil.

Nooooo! Not another 30 page MAYO thread

I voted for the cold cereal. But only if you have some milk.

I'm not too far from you - I could make some brownies or something.

ETA: I'm still working on quoting only bits of posts...​
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