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    so we are at 117 accourding to my back yard themators 95 in the coop there is air blowing in and the coop and run is in the shade starting by 11am we still have 3 to 4 more hours of heating up to go and this is just the begging when i went out side to chec on chick ( i have been spraying downthere coop and run with cool water and ice in there drinking water) they were all laying there breathing threw there mouth i dont want them to over heat so I brought them in side my house and havie them in teh cool air but they also dont seem happy hear either but they are no longer mouth breathing. I dont know what to do should i move them back in for the summer they are 2 months old or shold I leva them out there to suffer in the heat its only going to get worse we are talking 120 + by aug. I want to get them a misting system but right now no $ for that what should i do I just tont know
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    well they seemed more stresse4d out being back inside then out althought mouth breathing did stop but i went ahead and put them back in I am going to be stressing for the next 12 weeks how so peopoel do this in the desert
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    I'd leave them out. If those temps are normal for your area, they're going to have to get used to it eventually. I keep Cochins, and they're very sensitive to the heat. I put out shallow dishes of water with a few ice cube in it or freeze them some kind of fruit when it gets real hot here. They've been just fine. Chickens pant (the mouth breathing), like a dog- it helps cool them down. They'll probably all stand around with their wings drooping as well. Sometimes, if its really hot, I steal my kids sandbox and wet the sand a little with cool water (of course I clean it out real good and replace the sand before I give it back to the kids ;) ), they love to dust bathe in the stuff. It feels cool to my touch, and they love it so it must help them as well. Though, if you show, any light colored birds wont be pretty by the time they're done. Good luck, with all you're doing to help them they'll be fine. They just need to adjust.
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    no i dont show birds there just my feathered babies that will bring me eggs some day (i hope [​IMG]) the bottom of there coop is sand (i love the stuff there is no smell what so ever drys even the runniest poop right up) and in the am I spray that down along with the grass in there run. I have kind of spoiled them with dirt bath they wait for me to prep the dirt for them so i have not seen them do it in there coop but its there for them if they want. Im stressed i would hate to lose one to heat i am thinking of putting a pan of water they can walk threw otu there and maybe put ice cubes in that too.
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    Good luck Cary 1973! It get's hot here over summer and the temps get up around what you see at your place. The chicks do look horrible in the hottest parts of the day when they pant and sit with their wings spread out [​IMG]

    Here are my hints for the dot days:

    • Make sure that the chickens have access to cool water at all times. Place their water dishes in a shaded area so they don't get warmed by the sun. Change the water often to ensure it stays cool.

    • The iceblock suggestion in the water is great! Also try giving them frozen lumps of fruit that you know they may enjoy. Try frozen/chilled watermelon . A piece of that popped into the run can provide a yummy cool treat!

    • Don't subject the chicks to extreme temperature changes. This can cause shock and death. Make sure that you don't cool them down too quickly.

    • If you spritz/mist them with water and then put them into a sunny position, the water can heat and boil on their skin. Make sure wet birds do not get exposed to the sun when it is really really hot. Always ensure that they can get to a shaded area. If you do wet them down, towel off any excess moisture.

    • Use shadecloth to provide extra shade that still has good airflow.

    • Keep chickens away from tinned sheds and pieces of tin that attract the heat and turn into chicken cookers! I had to move my chickens from an area because it had 2 tall walls of roofing iron around the run (was between two sheds). There wasn't quite enough airflow and it was just too hot for them in summer. The chickens now free range and have access to a shed made of timber that is a lot cooler.

    Now that is all I can think of... I'm sitting here with blue hands because it is so cold over here at the moment (in Australia!). I can't say I miss the scorching HOT days though!
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    there coop only gets sun from about 6am to 11am but there run is in teh sade 24-7 and the coop even when its in the sun its never fully in the sun. I also have air vent going in I have a swamp cooler that blows in my room and then cool air goes out my window and into there coop there is lots of air flowing through the coop. the run also has grass that i water down in teh am and mid afternoon along wiht one side of the coop. chicks dont like to get wet so i dont spray them down expet for the 2 times i accadelty not paying attetion hit with with water and they sure let me know they did not appricate it by all there cheerping.

    I am really worried about my exchequer leghorns they seem to be having the hardest time with teh heat esp my lilly shes the biggest one, :{
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