I don't know whats wrong with my Welsummer

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    May 1, 2011
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    She is about 12weeks old and is at the very bottom of the pecking order, when i went out to feed them yesterday she was sitting right behind the door to the house in the grass and the others were walking right over her.
    i picked her up thinking she may have survived some sort of predator attack... I've had a raccoon and a hawk attack before.
    After checking her whole little body I see no scrapes, cuts, bruises, or breaks. so i'm thinking not a predator. she is now inside in a dog cage but she won't stand up, she will move but its like she is crawling and she doesn't hold her wings close to her body they are kind of let out. She looks completely alert, eats and drinks fine, she has normal looking stool except for one yesterday that was rather large and bulbous about the size of a quail egg. I can tell she is in pain she kind of squeals when i pick her up but still i don't see/feel any broken bones.
    what could be wrong?
    I have 11 other chickens and no one shows any problems of anything.
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    Quote:My Welsummer was/is having similar problems. She could get around slightly. Is she seemingly paralyzed? If so, I could be Mareks. Mine walked around like she was drunk for a short distance before collapsing. Please read some of my other posts about it. She seems to be on the mend but in hindsight, I don't think it was Mareks. She could be heat stressed. Start her on electrolytes and vitamins if not already. I ended up buying corrid and treating my whole flock and she has gotten better but Im not sure if its because she had cocci (she only had 1 symptom-no bloody stool or panting, etc-she just couldnt walk well and was still eating drinking normal) or she was heat stressed. I would say try both but this is my first flock and I have little experience in illnesses. Read some previous posts I had. Folks had a lot of good information and advice. Hope she gets well soon!
    Also, if she is ill, the others will peck her and pick on her. For her safety I would isolate until she is feeling better. Mine stopped once she was able to walk and protect herself.

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