I don't think I know the full scale of what I just did...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Chickerdoodle13, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Haha, I had $100 saved up for just this purpose, but I wasn't sure when I would actually get around to doing the order. I ended up ordering a surprise special from cackle, which was wonderful last year when I got it! I got 50+ chicks/ducks/geese/turkeys and a lot of them turned out to be hens! THey sent a wonderful variety of chicks and it only cost $50!! I also place and order with ideal for 25 Modern Game banties. I just got the hatchery choice.

    I've never had this many chicks before! LOL, I'm going to have to make a bigger brooder! I have them all coming the week of May 12th, so I have about a week after I get out of school to figure something out LOL. Most of these will be sold right away or keep for a few weeks and then sold. I will only be keeping a very select few.

    I can't wait now!
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    I was going to post I was glad I was NOT you....

    Then I realized I had no room to talk I have 12 chicks and 50 eggs in the incubator...

    Some one better go buy Stephs Polish eggs before she sneaks them into my bator to...

    Have fun and show us pics when you can :)
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    I guess your user title will fit well.[​IMG]

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