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Oct 17, 2012
A week ago I lost one of my black austrolarps for unknown causes. All I had noticed was an excessive amount of white on her butt feathers. She died a couple of days after I noticed it. Now I have another black austroplarp and I am seeing alot more white than usual...can someone please help me understand what this means and if its going to kill this hen....
I have picture I just took:

Its all white down her back end...her vent looks clear.
this happens with one of my girls she has a very bad cold at the moment, but i think its just poo and because she not well its not very solid and gets stuck in the feathers
Thank you Very much..It doesn't seem as she is sick though. But I think she might be constipated..
I went to a ladies farm yesterday to buy two turkeys and she had chooks like my girl and both had this, i think its normal bevause they have such fluffy bottoms...
You can trim off her fuzz so the droppings don't collect there because fly strike can cause maggots, and they are attracted by this. Just watch her when she come out of the coop in the morning to see what her poops look like. Are they getting some huge amount of calcium in their diet? Some chickens can develop kidney problems later in life if feed too much calcium as chicks or if they have suffered from infectious bronchitis at one time..
I will definitely trim her fuzz..along with the others'...I have been checking her poop..She pooped very white poop which looked like glue...Today she has pooped fine..but now It seems that she is 'constipated' if you will...I do not think she is bound..I have had bound before..and she does not look like that..She will stand upwards for a long time just for a small poop (goopy light brown-almost orange colored poop)..It seems that she is always pushing though...which is a bit concerning..But the main reason is that each time a hen has an excessive white on her butt..something wrong has happened which is why I am so riled up..I had changed their food a month ago..they actually used to have too little of calcium..so I upped it a bit. But have not added any calcium for a long time now...I am keeping a huge sharp eye on her.Thank you very much! I do appreciate it a lot...!

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