I don't want to buy eggs!

Erin K

8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
My pullets are not laying yet. That's fine, they should take their time.

But I'm down to ONE store egg.
I kinda want to make a stand and not buy store eggs. I mean I have spent $200 on chickens this month, I don't need to spend $2 on a package of lame eggs.

On the other hand eggs are my FAVORITE food. And that's before I even had fresh farm eggs.

So I'm torn. Do I buy eggs even though they will taste like resentment or do I just go on an egg fast until my girls start laying?

I wish I had a local friend who would sell me some of their eggs.
Sadly, it may not be your last carton, so go ahead an buy them. It's worse buying eggs AFTER your hens/pullets are laying...lol. But if they all hit a molt at the same time (combined with the short days of winter), there's a good chance it'll happen
I had to buy one carton last winter - and THAT hit home.
I just got my 2nd egg last night from our girl ... and she's just over 5 mos old. I wasn't expecting it this soon ... but we only had a few store bought eggs left in the carton and I have hated to keep buying them.
So now we have TWO fresh eggs and hopefully once the last couple store eggs are gone I won't have to buy anymore ... unless we run out of fresh ;P (they are small - our girls is an banty

I say just buy the 6 like someone suggested and hope that your girls start laying soon
How old or they?
I only have 3 hens and 1 isn't laying so I get 2 eggs a day. I make sure if I do need to buy eggs I buy the cage-free eggs. Buy 1/2 doz and see what happens. Good luck.
I use a lot of eggs, so when my six girls were getting close to laying, I hated to buy any more store-bought eggs. They had been squatting for a while and had been singing the egg song for at least three weeks, but no eggs. Kroger had a great sale on 18 count eggs, so in desperation (my fresh beets were ready and I wanted to make pickled eggs) I bought two cartons--3 dozen store-bought eggs. I used a dozen to make pickled eggs and the very next day I got my first egg. After eating that first gloriously delicious homegrown egg, I could not bear the thought of eating another store bought egg, so after a couple of weeks and enough real eggs, I boiled up those two dozen store eggs and fed them to the chicks I am raising. I even felt guilty feeding those inferior eggs to the chicks, but couldn't just waste them.
6 months Nancy
5 months Baby
4 months Clara

wow, Nancy should be laying...

Baby is right there, and Clara is still a bit off...

My youngest to lay is 20 weeks, the oldest is 24 weeks...

How red are the combs? Can you post a couple pics of nancy and baby?
Can you buy some eggs from a local farmer? Or, why don't you just buy some really expensive, brown eggs from the grocery store....That might make ya feel better......

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