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Mar 16, 2018
Day 18 :hit We were delaying lock-down to help the air cells grow more, as we had the humidity at 75-90% for the first 2 weeks accidentally.:barnie

I put the cracked egg back in the incubator for now. What do I do with it? Is it possible that it may survive?:fl The drop was about 10" onto a wooden dresser top. I think it is cracked about an inch wide on one of the ends of the eggs. Not home to check, I don't remember which end. Might have been the fatter side.

The air cells on all the eggs were pretty saddled and none of them have really grown much since day 13. :th

Also, I marked this egg for a possible blood ring, back on day 12-13, but future candling left me unsure. What I thought was a blood ring looked like it may have just been a vein.

What now? :(
Can you post a picture of the crack when you get home? Be sure to be quick if you open the incubator.
Here are some photos!


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Well....if there is a silver lining to every cloud, the silver lining here is that the chick will have an easy time getting out. I am funny, right guys? :oops:

I think it might be ok.....not leaky from what it looks like.

YAY! :celebrateVery funny! I'm happy to hear of the silver lining. :bow

Should we go into "lock-down" now? We were going to postpone by an extra day. Humidity is at 20% in the tank right now, no water inside.

There are 6 other eggs at the same stage. :jumpy
@ENGEC35 I would recommend covering the cracks with masking tape.
Go into lockdown, the other eggs need it. Put some water inside to try and raise the humidity to 55%

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