I entered my babies in a contest


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
I entered my pups in a dollar store contest the prize is gonna be $1000
...Its for Dads dog food, I feed Meka Dads all through her pregnancy....sooo her is my picture tell me what you think
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Doesn't seem to hurt Meka very much...although I'm gonna switch her to puppy food because its higher in calcium which is very important since the puppies are getting bigger their gonna be dragging her down
it's not often a difference that you would see until you switch to a better food. After all, dogs can survive and look good eating nothing but scavenged road-kill and table scraps. Every dog is different is what they will do well on.
I do this as well. Sometimes I buy chicken. Other times lamb. Bison. Salmon. Duck. Venison. Plus they get chicken back or quarters on a regular basis to clean their teeth
We feed half raw and half TOTW. we switch up the TOTW flavors every time we buy a new bag, and they love raw eggs and Wellness a Core wet food for "dessert". They are very healthy dogs!

It is so important that dogs have a lot of meat protein in their diet, they cannot digest grains at all. In order to get those puppies off to a good start, I would definitely switch to a better brand, or even raw. It makes a HUGE difference in their health later on. Trust me. Here is a link to a good website if you are just starting to learn how to read labels and aren't sure exactly what to look for: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog-food-index-a.html

website can be rather crude, but very informative: http://www.preciouspets.org/truth.htm

website just scratches the surface of a raw diet: http://www.dogguide.net/raw-diet-basics.php

is also the home cooked option, but there is a lot of supplementation and prep time.

It is so sad that we are led to believe these foods are what you should feed your dog for optimum health, it is simply not true. If we all fed our pets the ultimate diet of 100% raw meat, we wouldn't need so many drugs and vaccinations. We all have to start somewhere, I used to be a Purina feeder myself. No longer! My lab no longer has terrible allergies, and Sugar and Sabrina both have beautiful coats, fresh breath, and tiny poo (no fillers in food). You will also find they will eat about half of what they used to eat. Seriously, my dogs are the perfect weight, and they hardly need to eat, there are zero fillers! So do a little research, so you can make an informed decision about your pet's health.
OMG, don't get me started on raw-fed poo.....

It's amazing the difference when you didn't even realize there was a problem!

have you read the new vaccine protocols? I've done min. vaccines for years, it will be nice if more vets adopt the new protocol

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