I feel like a moron


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
Portland, OR
When I got my hens I was told this one was a "Golden Buff"
I've had people call her a sex link or a red star and correct them every time.

Today I learned that my hen is a Red Star, a Comet, Golden Comet, Golden Sex Link, Isa Brown or a Red Sex Link

If just one person had said, "they're the same thing," when I said, "Oh. I was told she's a Golden Buff...." all this embarrassment could have been prevented.

Please ignore her haggard state. Molting.

No wonder the girls who look like that have an identity crisis. Don't forget Red Shaver in Canada, I think HiSex Brown, and Bovans Brown in Europe, and I think Warrens is another in the UK.
She get's made fun of enough as it is. I'm not gonna tell her there are even more breed names! I just can't do that to her.
Everyone calls her "VagFace." Poor girl.

Poor girl, I think she would pick any of the above names in place of her current nick name, even though it is disturbingly appropriate.
After posting the original of that picture on facebook, several of my really mature friends pointed it out.
Now neither the housemates or I can unsee it.

Her name is supposed to be Kate, but I don't think she's heard it in months....
Sometimes you get unfortunate coat color markings on animals, that is the first chicken I have seen that would fit in that sort of category though. Poor Kate.

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