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    I went out today to discover some milky white watery with some green diarrhea blobs faeces. I researched and found it could be coccidiosis, I have got some medicine left but only a bit and i can't find it. The thing is, last night we had a BBQ and my parents think they can feed the chickens anything they want such as oily greasy fatty roast potatoes that have had lots of salt put on them. They think it is funny to give meat to the chickens and they love me running around after the chicken trying to get it off them. By the way, everything is salted. I was worried last night because i noticed someone chooked about 2 roast potatoes in their food bowl so i was worried about the salt poisoning. How do i stop my parents from giving them rubbish. The problem is my mum works part time which means while I am at school most of the year, she has about 4 hours per weekday to give them rubbish. My dad works night shifts so he gets up at 2pm so that gives him 2 hours to feed rubbish to them with her. Why can't they just understand. I am thinking about asking if we can have a no salt and a no sugar rule in our family which i am happy to take on just as long as it stops this mayhem happening to my chickens.

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    Aug 7, 2015
    i found the medication
  3. I would put locks on their coops and runs and tell them if they even so much as glanced at my birds wrong I'd be through with them. Touch my birds, feed my birds, laugh when i tell you no and the b#:*h in me comes out. I have zero tolerance for that and my family knows it. Respect me and my boundaries or leave.
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    S/he still goes to school and I presume that s/he's living with the parents that keep feeding that stuff to the chickens. "Respect me or leave" isn't going to go down too well in that situation.

    Meat is alright to feed to chickens. They're omnivores. There are people on this site who happily feed chicken to chickens, but I happily don't (pork liver, on the other hand...). If the only meat they're getting is off your parents, don't bother chasing them down. Chickens like meat. The salted spuds are bad, yes, but chickens can excrete excess sodium if they have enough water. It's still not good for them, but it's not a major problem right now.

    How are they fed? My dad puts out a bowl of feed in the mornings, and he or I top it up during the day. They also get a couple of scoops just before bedtime. In this way, they have their proper feed available most of the time. Since their run is enclosed, I can leave food out uncovered overnight without feeding any pest except slugs. I'd rather not though*. Is there anywhere that the chickens can get to but rats and wild birds can't? Leave food there.

    What is there to do in the run, and how big is it?

    I'm curious -- whose chickens are these? If you're the one paying for their food and board and other supplies, then ask your parents to leave them in your care. If your parents are paying for it... you can't really make them do anything.

    Now, green and white blobby faeces sound like a problem that needs addressing immediately. Do you have any photos of the droppings? How have the chickens been acting?

    *I did experiment with putting a sheet of newspaper over their bowl overnight... I was told that they did break it open, but I never got to see the results.

  5. I am sharing my experiences plain and simple. I had boundaries even when I still lived at home. Mentally ill mother so I had to be clear about what is acceptable.
    I'm a person who will never say "you have to do this" or "do it cuz it worked for me." I'm all about sharing my two cents and then if they ignore it then I'm fine with it.

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