I feel so bad, I swore at my kids today.


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Jun 17, 2009
Central Massachussetts
My 12 year old and 9 year old are really driving me crazy lately. Between being cooped up alot because of bad weather, and just being argumentative and lazy I have had it. They fight with each other all the time. When the baby is sleeping they are loud and wake him up. When we ask them to do something lately the get mouthy! Never were so bad before.

Well, today I put the baby down for a nap, and went to take a shower. We have to go somewhere soon, so I wanted to make sure the baby took a good nap. Hubby is at work so it's just me and the kids. Well as soon as I get in the shower I can hear the two of them running around and fighting and just being really loud. I yelled at them to come here, and they opened the door and started saying he did this, he did that. I told them calmly to stop acting like that and we will talk about it in 2 minutes when I am done showering. They kept saying, but but but he did this, shut up, make me all that stuff kids say to each other, they wouldn't stop.

I don't know what came over me. I yelled at them -you two just get the(insert word here)in your rooms now. I feel so bad, but lately they just know what to do to aggaravate me!
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ha, dont feel a bit bad!
i said the same thing to mine last night..it was almost midnight and they were in the living room with video games going full blast, stomping around and being as loud as possible, along with fighting..etc
sometimes kids need that extra..incentive i guess.
Welcome to the club regret.
I grew up with people that felt apologies were only for other people to give.
The words that come out of my mouth as much as 'I love you," and "I am so very glad you are MY child,''
are the words ''I am sorry," "I was wrong," and "please forgive me"
My child knows that just because people get older, it does not mean that we are always right, perfect, or above the rules.
An apology, a hug and a deep breath seems to help.
Don't feel bad for being a good parent. Oh sometimes we slip and add some colorful language, but all and all I'm sure your a great parent if that bothered you. Forget about it and go on with your day. I'm sure they won't anytime soon and that may be a good thing
You are not alone. I just tell my 10 year old boy to go outside and not come in till lunch or dinner. It is the case of cabin fever, I think.
Apologize to the kids for your outburst. It makes me feel a little better when I do. Hang in there. Spring is just around the corner.
Actually, after they got over the shock, they ran away laughing and saying we got Mom so mad she swore! I think they were actually a little proud of themselves that they made me lose my cool.'
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I'm guilty of this also. My girls thought they saw me mad before because I was slightly loud and grounded them. I had one of them flat out refuse to do something she had promised to do and I told her to hand over her cell phone. She refused and said He double hockey sticks no.... so I sorta blew my top. The neighbors half a mile down complimented me in my use of the four lettered word. Apparently they never heard it used as a noun, verb and in a prepositional phrase all in one sentence
Needless to say the wife giggled and the moment was ruined when they all laughed
It has happened. I take it you are talking about 2 boys? Any ways my boys just stopped, looked at me and one started crying. The other couldn't belive I swore. I apologized right away for saying a "bad" word and explained how angry they were making me with how they were behaving. They actually said sorry too. They were then nice to each other for maybe an hour. Then it was back to the normal, he did this he did that first stuff.

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