I fell today but Im okay

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  1. We should have had the kids pick up the toys before taking a nap today but instead we let it slide. Was a BAD idea cuz I took a SLIDE!
    I was getting up to get something to eat and stepped on one of the toys and slid until I was nearly at a complete SPLIT! OUCH!
    My husband couldn't help but laugh but YOUCH that hurt!
    But everything is okay, just having people with their eyes glued on me. My hips, legs, and all around are sore. My lower back is KILLING me.
    Lesson learned:
    ALWAYS have the kids pick up their toys before nap time or changing activity. It could have been worse then just the splits!
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    OUCH! Yes you are going to be sore! Next time, have hubby help you out and its not funny either! He can laugh about it later but not now. And make it a routine all toys to be put up before bedtime! I do that with my DD because she has her Hot Wheels cars here and there and if someone is to walk thru the house in the dark or me not paying attention, someone is going to get hurt.

    I remember one time when we were looking for a new van, I tripped and fell flat on my stomach. I was not due for another two or three months. Boy it knocked the wind out of me and hubby was walking ahead of me, turned around and saw me fell. Helped to get on my feet. I was ok but the rest of the day I was so worried about squashing the baby's head and go into premature labor. DD was fine LOL! Boy it did hurt for a day. Felt like a belly flop in the pool!
  3. He did help me up and make sure I was okay but he couldn't help but laugh the entire time. [​IMG]
    Him and his sister were joking around that the SPLIT should have breaken my water... [​IMG]

    I fell with DS as well, right outside FIL's house on Thanksgiving. I was wearing white dress pants and boy were those destroyed.
    I didn't step up all the way to get up the curb and tripped. My whole left leg was scratched up and bloody, as well as my left arm and parts of my belly but not as bad as my leg. Luckily I had extra clothes with me.
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    Time for some REAL rest! Your balance isn't as good as it used to be! [​IMG]
  5. oh tell me about it. I can barely WALK right now. Sitting down even hurts. This baby has no more room to grow. Every movement he/she makes, is painful.
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    "For thou hast delivered my soul from death: wilt not thou deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living?"
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    Be careful! Aren't you due any day now? Take things s-l-o-w-l-y..........don't try to do everything yourself. Take care. [​IMG]
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    I slipped down a flight of steps when I was heavily pregnant with my #2. Oh, nope, it was right after he was born. Owie that hurt! Take care of yourself.
  9. hubby's mom did a 360 fall when she was pregnant with him. The results weren't pretty. She went into immediate labor. Hubby was delivered by emergancy c-section. he got lucky but his brother did not. His brother was still-born while he lived, barely. The family refused to give up on him. he was a very sick baby, spent his first 2 years of his life mostly in the hospital then at home. He was supposed to be due in March but instead was born just before Xmas.
    Now he is a big man that works hards sometimes too hard. He can be a stubborn, hard-headed fool but he has a great heart. He says he doesn't care much for his birthday, not because it is close to the holidays, but because he cannot share it with his twin brother. He says it reminds him that he lived but his brother did not. He didn't see his birthday as a day to celebrate that he survived until he met me, which I remind him all the time that if he wasn't ment to live, he would not have.

    He is a member of March of Dimes and whenever we can, we make donation.

    We almost lost DD1 as well but because she was breeched and the tube was wrapped around her neck 3x and knotted twice. My OB/GYN was careless, he didn't do the usual exams that are required for pregnancies and because of him, we nearly lost our daughter. She is hearing, communication, and educational impaired. 3 years old now and she has the language ability of a 1 to 2 year old. She is just now learning to express feelings. She loves to learn but she struggles more then an average 3 year old. She couldn't walk until she was almost a 24 months old.
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    pregnancy and birth are SO risky! It's amazing that most children turn out as well as they do! We should all be grateful for what we have, and make the best of any hard situations. I think I fell with each pregnancy (Pregnant in winter all 3 times... ICY!), and it is just HORRIBLE. The kids all turned out fine, but the pain and the fear is just as excruciating either way. Wishing you good balance, a healthy delivery, and the ability to (somehow) rest afterwards. Be safe!

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