I finally did it!

bloom chicks

8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
I told you guys about the hawk that flew in my coop and took my baby on Monday while I was sitting in the coop right next to the babies. Here is the black curtain I made for the front door. Here it is!


and here is the back of the coop!

So the girls have a step up to the nests and the small one for me to sit on while I watch my little one play.
I have something similar. It is a rubber mat.My dh gets these through work sometimes when a load is taken out they get tossed in the garbage. It is a great screen.Better than the tarp I had up.The girls just go under it.

I like your coop.I have an old metal shed,but I like your big bright one way better.Going to have to check out your pictures more.

What is the pet carrier for? Another nest box? I had one inside for my RSL hen who would poop up the nest box.But the space was to small,so I just close the enst box in the afternoon.

Boo hoo you have no more pictures posted on BYC!
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I had to email the pictures to myself from my phone to get the site to except them. The ones I took on my camera I guess are too large. I will take more pictures. The dog cage is where the mama and babies are staying right now. The reason for the black curtain was that I was sitting in my coop (12x24) with the babies toward the back and a hawk flew in a grabbed one of the babies with me sitting right next to the babies! I never thought a hawk would have come in. The door was open so that the other girls could come in and lay their eggs.

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